Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mango Float ala Jimble

Yeah, it's still Mango season. Sweet, I must  say.

In Ozamiz, a lot of people see the business opportunity. You will surely notice numerous Mango vendors emerged during this season. They are everywhere.  Some just used the front side of their houses to sell Mangoes. Others, along side major roads and streets in the city.

Maybe because the supply is higher than demand, it's tastefully cheap. You can enjoy the sweetness for P15-30 per kilo. 
Not just that, we have a lot of mango varieties too.

I created Mango Float. Somehow, I'm opportunist ( Just kidding! ).  
( I am convinced this time because the price of the mango is really cheap. )

Of course, it's a Mango Float with Jimble's twists.

Typical, you need ready-to-use crushed/crumbed graham pack for toppings but I found it too granular or powdery. Instead, I used the same graham cracker used during layering. I just crushed the cracker myself depending on the texture I want. Also, I sprinkled chopped peanuts.  For me, the 'not-so' crushed cracker, combined with the peanut will add crunchiness on the cake. :-)


Give it a Try!



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    1. This was last weekend, Lotus. But mama told me that there's still few slice left. Ako ipa LBC....hehehe