Thursday, May 21, 2015

Part I: Shade of Pink

Last October 2014, we were invited to my cousin's wedding in Bohol. 
As the wedding day draws near, I asked mama on what she’d wear during the occasion. To my surprise, she showed me one of her old dresses. Although, the dress she showed still looked decent, I was expecting she’d wear a new one. I was assuming that my younger sister Jeaneth will accompany and shop for her. I just knew at that time that they tried back in Ozamiz but to no avail.

I then asked her if she’d want to shop in Bohol instead. Unsurprisingly, she is quick to insist and said “No need”.  The fact that we needed to commute for an hour just reach the city proper was a no-no for her. But I quickly realised, how come she managed to travel from Ozamiz to Bohol (which took a day)? Maybe, she just doesn’t want to shop at all.

So a day before the wedding, I went my own way. 
I decided to go to Tagbilaran City to buy groceries for us, which I normally do. 
Nobody hinted, but my intention really is to look for a dress for mama.

Good news, I was able to find one! (Had our groceries too.)
Bad news, it was very expensive! Shhhhhhhh! It cost around P3K pesos. (Lets keep it a secret to mama, okay?)
To be honest, I haven’t bought myself clothes with price tags of this level.
But that was my last resort at that time. I wanted her to look good for this rare occasion.

So, I bought it. Of course, she’s quick to ask. 
So I seriously replied that it only costs P800.

Yes, I lied. Why?

If she knew, I will be scolded for hours. That's guaranteed!
If she knew, I will be re-lectured on the value money. 
Like, save and save (…and save some more…)
If she knew, she will definitely have a bad hair day. 

Mama gets easily tired nowadays (either me or my sisters does most of the shopping for her). Not to mention her supermodel physique. She’s thin and probably has 20-inch waistline. I’m not kidding! For a 68-year-old, it was very difficult! Besides, there is always a feeling of fear and excitement whether mama will like it or not. At times, it will require alterations before she can wear it. Also, some just ended up unused into her closet. Yes, that’s the risk we faced all the time.

When she finally fitted the dress, she has a lot of complaints. So I was very worried. Really, my heart is pounding so fast at that time. I don’t want my money put to waste.

Finally, after a lengthy conversation and a lot of convincing (believe me it was not an easy sales talk), she agreed to wear that dress for the wedding.

What a sigh of relief!
It was worth it, I’d say.  


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  1. Lovely gift for Mama! She looks happy!
    I'm glad she wore it and she would wear it more often...hehehe