Sunday, February 7, 2016

Surviving NightShift

I knew it from the start. I accepted a job offer intended for night shift. And since I'm not morning person (and my overconfidence strikes), I initially thought the adjustment would be easy as pie.

So for 6 months now, I’m night owl. I’ve worked 9pm- 6am every weekdays. But, I was totally wrong. I’m struggling, still in adjustment stage.

True, it really requires a change in lifestyle. And change in mindset too. It’s easy to talk about being well rested but when it comes down to actually doing it; it’s easier said than done.

Anyhow, here's how I combat sleepiness at work: 

True Love Confession by Papa Jack
9pm onwards, 90.7 Love Radio

Listening to my favorite radio show. It features listeners calling Papa Jack to share their relationship issues and seek his advice on air. He is a modern doctor for many and I agree. His approach is distinctively entertaining. Blunt but filled with life's powerful lessons. More importantly, it’s exquisitely fun, contagiously humorous show. Thereby help wipe out stress at work and of course, drives my sleepiness away.

Caffeine. Caffeine. Caffeine is my best friend.

Good thing we have overflowing free coffee (and other beverages too) at work. I even keep a supply of 3in1 instant coffee packs incase my taste buds change or coffee machine is not working. Typically, I drink one glass of coffee at the beginning of my shift and function better than those nights without caffeine. But for months now, I tried to get rid of being coffeeholic. So I limit my coffee intake to 2 glasses per day, if possible and avoiding it before my shift ends.

Apply (with a smile) Learn and Adapt Principle

Apart from free coffee, we have a considerate culture too. So if sleepiness strikes, I used the one-hour break to power nap. It’s been very helpful.  Good thing, I'm not the only one doing it. Everyone in our team does. 

(SHHHH, Lets keep this a secret!).

Goin Bulilit Time

Build relationship. Have a company of friends whom you can buzz off whenever you are in the verge to dose off. Chitchat with them. Think of some best jokes, corny ‘hugot’ lines and laugh with them, provided that they are not busy.

Or simply take a quick break with your most talkative (and funny looking) teammate. No doubt, this is the most effective. :-)

Si Jimble ‘To, Kaya ko ‘To!

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  1. Hahahha. I was laughing coz of "Papa Jack"
    Kaya mo yan, Jim! :)